The Endpoint of the new normal
09 November 2021

Over the last year and a half, what has been dubbed the “new normal” has slowly but surely become the “normal”. It is now common place for sensitive corporate work to be tackled in the home. Work-issued devices such as laptops, phones printers etc continue to populate the home office in increasing numbers. Hybrid workforce environments are here and they are here to stay. We previously touched on some of the new challenges presented by working from home and highlighted DataGroupIT’s 6 Pillar Model as an ideal point of departure in establishing an end to end cyber security strategy.

Safeguarding access to corporate networks has always been a priority item on any CIO’s list and its importance has since grown exponentially. The work-issued devices mentioned above are points of entry (endpoints) into corporate networks and are susceptible to threats from malicious actors. An endpoint is a remote computing device that communicates back and forth with a network to which it is connected. Historically, security breaches originated from within a network but, today, unauthorized network intrusions increasingly come from endpoints.

Enter “Unified Endpoint Management” (UEM). UEM allows IT to manage, secure, and deploy corporate resources and applications on any device from a single console. The home has become a branch extension of the enterprise network that must be managed from a single platform effectively eliminating the need for different multiple solutions to manage your hybrid workforce.

Unified endpoint management is a step beyond traditional mobile device management. UEM includes all use cases and endpoints from mobile to fixed to wearables to IoT through a single comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution. Some of the Unified Endpoint Management draw points are as follows:

  • Cost Savings – With its automation of processes and tasks, unified endpoint management helps to lower IT overhead costs and hardware expenses.
  • Endpoint Management Integration – UEM works across multiple platforms (Windows 10, macOS, Android etc) configuring, controlling, and monitoring any device from a single management console.
  • Data and Apps Protection Across Any Network – Unified endpoint management protects sensitive company data and apps with conditional user access, automated rules enforcement, compliance guidelines, and data loss safeguards while automatically and immediately redressing cybersecurity threats.

Endpoint security solutions are necessary but it is critical that they are implemented using the right network architectural model. For instance, the Zero-Trust security approach utilizes micro-perimeters to secure each network segment by adding layers of security that require verification every time users attempt to access a different portion of the network. Genuine insight and know-how is required to effectively manage your endpoints.

Join DataGroupIT and Quest on the 10th of November for our webinar as we explore how the Quest Unified Endpoint Management solution can assist you to discover, manage and secure their evolving hybrid workforce environment and also streamline complex endpoint management tasks and gain greater control of every endpoint in your environment.

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