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Large and continuously growing amounts of data make backup & recovery a major challenge for many companies. The new developments in the backup area bring real benefits when it comes to solving backup problems but the multitude of new technological and connectional approaches make it hard to find the right solution. Our experienced consultants at DataGroupIT therefore consider the products of all manufacturers and work with you to find the appropriate backup technology and strategy for the respective requirements.

  • Backup to tape
  • Backup to disk/VTL
  • Continuous data protection
  • Backup of snapshots
  • Mobility and remote backup
  • Disaster recovery planning

With ever-growing data inventories, sustained backup solutions are never static, but must be flexible and scalable to accommodate the growth in data. This is also why HSM or archive solutions are used to extend an increasing number of backup solutions. The benefits of this extension are multifold and are not restricted to data backup.


Data archiving is gaining more importance for corporate IT departments. The two reasons for this trend are stricter regulatory requirements (compliance) and, more than that, large data inventories. Without archiving and HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) it would be impossible to gain control of the large data volumes both in terms of backup & recovery and high availability. Combined and tiered storage concepts with high availability, backup & recovery plus archiving or HSM are therefore becoming increasingly common. Combining storage and archiving offers various benefits:

  • Storage combined with archiving or HSM means: > 50% reduction in "online" data
  • Precise forecast of acquisition costs for expensive primary storage
  • Faster backup
  • Faster recovery
  • Better administration of primary and secondary data
  • More flexibility, security and, above all, scalability for the storage infrastructure
  • Simpler and more targeted retrieval of data
  • Observance of legal and regulatory compliance

Tiered storage solutions with high availability, backup & recovery plus HSM and archiving are set to be the best data management concepts (both technically and from a business management point of view) for keeping IT and business processes running effectively and cost-efficiently. To achieve this it needs to be determined which type of data is to be stored on which storage medium at any given moment of its lifecycle.


Before you implement an effective data management that reproduces and supports the business processes as best as possible whilst keeping costs and administrative work in check, you need to look at data not just in terms of bits and bytes. Data are based on content that may or may not be very relevant for business processes, and this relevance, or rather this value of the data for the business processes changes over time. Determining which data must be deleted, backed up, archived or kept permanently online and highly available is a task that involves more than just evaluating their age or the average access frequency. The content and its relevance for the business processes (or else for the regulatory requirements) determines where and how the data must be stored. That is why content management, sooner or later, becomes a component of high availability, backup, and archiving. Only thus can a tiered storage concept be deployed and implemented efficiently and cost-effectively.
Where necessary, the consultants at DataGroupIT therefore include:

  • Data classification
  • Policy & record management
  • Business processes
  • Workflow and Compliance


All companies require their data and information to be highly available. High availability is essential for smooth business processes and therefore also essential for the company's productivity and success. When the primary system fails the organization wants to avoid major downtimes and needs to resume operation with the secondary system. To this end we provide the following technologies:

  • Mirroring
  • Clustering
  • Replication

However, high availability through mirroring, clustering or replication does not, in itself, ensure unrestricted access to all data at all times. If data is damaged, deleted or illegally changed through viruses, user or system errors, then these data errors are immediately transferred to the mirrored or clustered system or to the replicated data storage.
The only remedy for such data errors is to use the additional and likewise essential data backup to quickly and reliably recover corrupt or deleted data from nearline or offline data storage. That is why backup & recovery is the second solution area, after high availability, for efficient data management.

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