The Advantages of AI-Powered Email Solutions for Security Teams
04 May 2023

Security teams are often burdened with a variety of tasks, such as dealing with an increased attack surface, enabling remote work, and managing multiple security tools. In addition, with the rise of more sophisticated phishing campaigns, now supported by AI tools, it has become more challenging to pre-empt attacks.

Thus, when deploying an email security solution, vendors should prioritise minimising the time spent inside the user interface and offer trusted detection and response technology with intuitive reporting and optimized workflows.

Today we explore some of the advantages of adopting AI-powered email solutions for security teams.

Personalized Email Security

Traditional email security solutions require security teams to spend a considerable amount of time maintaining email security policies, which can lead to the creation of blanket rules that open up future windows for attackers. However, with Darktrace/Email, AI is used differently and uniquely.

Darktrace/Email understands users’ behavior throughout the day, including who they email and where they log in from, and learns to tailor the detection and response process according to their individual profile.

As a result, it can neutralize a threat by taking the least aggressive action required, such as rewriting links or withholding attachments, based on its knowledge of the user’s normal inbox activity. This approach frees up security teams’ time for more strategic decision-making and valuable work.

Embedded Account Takeover Protection

Modern email security must include embedded account takeover protection, particularly in the most damaging use cases, such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and ransomware. Darktrace captures a user’s activity across email and their Microsoft or Google account in a single pane of glass, detecting and countering all of the markers that could signify a compromised account.

Furthermore, insights from other cloud applications and network devices can provide a 360° understanding of the user, further enhancing detection of account takeover and other harmful activity.

User-Friendly Interfaces

The best user interface is one that requires less frequent logging in because intelligent AI is automating work previously done by humans. Darktrace’s precision detection and response technology takes appropriate action on emails and accounts to neutralize threats without disrupting day-to-day business operations. Moreover, Darktrace/Email’s dashboard offers immediate insights into users and emails, with a real-time snapshot of active user identities, targeted user and actioned emails, segmented by type of attack.

Security teams can get the information they need without switching between windows or navigating inaccessible interfaces. The mobile app guarantees convenience, making available all the main functions of the interface for on-the-go analysis.

Additionally, explainable AI gives users natural-language summaries of individual emails or the overall health of an email environment, while simplified action flows allow security teams to personalize security for different employees

Darktrace/Email’s innovative use of AI allows security teams to address the challenges of modern email security in a more effective and efficient way.

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