Secure Your Organisation’s Unmanaged Devices with Check Point Harmony Browse
12 April 2023

In today’s digital landscape, securing an organisation’s devices is crucial for maintaining data confidentiality and protecting against cyber attacks. However, with the rise of BYOD policies and the use of unmanaged devices by third-party service providers, CISOs face a significant challenge in defending against threats. The security of web browsers, which serve as the main interface between users and internet applications, is becoming an increasingly critical aspect of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

Web browsers are susceptible to various threats, including data loss, malicious file uploads, and phishing attacks. Organisations must manage access to web applications from unmanaged devices and ensure that sensitive information is not copied, pasted, or printed outside of the application. Thankfully, Check Point Harmony Browse offers a solution to these challenges.

Harmony Browse is a complete web browsing security solution that can be deployed on all mainstream browsers in seconds. The solution provides extensive web browsing protection and prevents users from visiting phishing sites or downloading malware, all without compromising workers’ productivity. With Harmony Browse, organisations can enable a workforce with unmanaged devices, such as consultants, temporary workers, and freelancers, to browse web applications safely.

In short, organisations should take measures to secure their web browsers and protect against threats and sensitive information leaks. With Check Point Harmony Browse, CISOs can manage unmanaged devices and ensure the security of their network. The IDC Emerging Security Technologies report has identified Check Point as an established ISV, providing organisations with the assurance of a trusted and reliable solution.

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