Ransomware on the rise: How to safeguard your organisation
11 January 2024

In a digital age shadowed by cyber threats, an alarming 71% of organizations have been victims of ransomware attacks, each costing an average of $4.35 million. This isn’t just a sporadic digital skirmish; it’s a full-scale war against corporate security. Understanding the nature and impact of ransomware is crucial for businesses striving to strengthen their defences in this ongoing battle.

The Ransomware Reality: More Than a Digital Nuisance

Ransomware, a formidable predator in the digital realm, takes vital data hostage, demanding hefty ransoms for its release. Its impacts are devastating, causing not just financial losses but also operational paralysis, eroding customer trust, and inflicting long-term reputational damage. These attacks can create a ripple effect, plunging every facet of a business into strategic chaos.

To combat this, a proactive, layered defence strategy is essential, combining advanced technology and a culture of cyber security awareness to counter ransomware tactics.

Check Point’s Vanguard Approach to Ransomware Defence

In the frontline against ransomware, Check Point stands out with its comprehensive, multi-layered defence solutions. These are designed to protect endpoints, mobile devices, emails, and network perimeters, offering a robust security system that’s always one step ahead of ransomware threats.

For instance, Check Point’s Harmony Endpoint serves as a critical line of defence. It offers runtime protection against ransomware attacks, even offline, and includes a Behavioural Guard that detects, blocks, and remediates ransomware activity. This ensures system integrity and prevents potential damage.

Harmony Mobile addresses the increasing threats in mobile security. It safeguards against malicious downloads and scans for threats in mobile apps, ensuring your mobile workforce remains productive and secure. While Harmony Email & Collaboration uses advanced sandboxing techniques to intercept ransomware-laden emails and extends protection across productivity apps like Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Quantum Security Gateways provide a comprehensive defence against external cyber threats. These gateways proactively use AI to identify and stop zero-day threats and phishing attempts, not just react to them.

Best Practices for Ransomware Prevention

Beyond employing the right tools, prevention also involves cultivating proper cyber security habits. This includes:

Cyber Awareness Training: It is important to educate your workforce on cyber security basics, such as phishing recognition and password security, and keep them updated on the latest threats.

Regular Data Backups: Strive towards implementing encrypted backups of critical data and regularly test them for reliability.

System Patching: It is also imperative to regularly update systems, focusing on security patches to protect against vulnerabilities.

Robust Endpoint Protection: Use sophisticated antivirus and antimalware programs, like the Check Point suite, for ongoing surveillance and threat detection.

Ultimately, as ransomware becomes more sophisticated, protecting your organisation transitions from a necessity to a responsibility. Cyber security solutions like Check Point’s provide advanced strategies and solutions for safeguarding networks, endpoints, mobile devices, web browsers, emails, and collaboration tools. They are an indispensable resource for CISOs and security teams aiming to stay ahead of cyber threats.

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