Maximising Efficiency & Security: 6 Top Strategies for Cybersecurity Teams
04 April 2023

In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, time is money, and it’s essential to find ways to optimise efficiency while ensuring digital safety. Leading cyber security software and services company, Imperva recently unpacked six key steps that cybersecurity teams can use to optimise resources without jeopardising their enterprise’s security.

Here’s a run down of their recommended strategies:

A Solid Monitoring Solution

Taking a risk-based approach to cybersecurity is the first step. Assume that cybercrime is inevitable and invest upfront in security teams to prevent potentially disastrous consequences later. A proactive approach to risk reduction means fewer surprises, less responding to trends, and fewer blind emergencies, which can all cost precious resources.

Ensure Reductions in False Positives

Monitoring teams can’t be expected to react to every potential threat, as there could be tens of thousands or more of these daily. They need to focus on what’s real, immediate, and important to optimise human assets and prevent alert fatigue. Implement a system that delivers more accurate, actionable data, with fewer false positives, so the security teams are reacting with clear guidelines and advice on how to react.

Only Pay for the Tools You Use

Review the tools you use and unify them into a single solution and interface, which can reduce financial expenses and maintenance, training, scheduling, and manpower.

Reduce Your Company Threat Landscape

Limit the threat surface by putting less risk in the hands of your colleagues. Effective global privacy settings across the enterprise can reduce the chances of staff picking up malware or viruses. A zero-trust policy can mitigate many potential problems.

Cybersecurity Automation

Automate cybersecurity operations, such as monitoring and detection systems, adding machine-based threat intelligence to programmatically detect, investigate and classify cyberthreats. Automation affords fewer errors, optimises decision-making, and is both efficient and cost-effective. It can also fill the current industry talent shortage gap within cybersecurity teams.

Educate Your Staff

Human error is one of the most significant cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Reducing the chance of human error when handling organisational data makes it inherently more secure. Making colleagues aware of phishing scams and good IT security practices through internal training can save time and resources.

Ultimately, simple optimisations in manpower and resources can make a big difference to your efficiency and security posture. Automation, education, and consolidation can make a vast impact in ongoing financial and resource outlay. And in the end, moderate investment now can reap time-saving, resource-saving, and money-saving rewards further down the line while filling potential skill gaps.

Imperva is a leading cyber security software and services company which provides protection to enterprise data and application software. Speak to us today to find out more about the right Imperva solutions for your organisation.

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