The value of managed security services in your organisation
05 August 2021

IT has become mission critical, and increasingly acts as business’s trusted advisor in an increasingly digital marketplace. Companies have been digitalising rapidly, especially over the past 18 months as new working models have begun to emerge. The IT environment is becoming every more complex and distributed as collaboration with customers and business partners becomes a key strategy, and employees work from outside the office and normal office hours.

In short, IT has become a valuable lever of success but also a source of great vulnerability. Digital networks carry vast amounts of valuable data, and their availability is vital.

At the same time, unfortunately, cybercriminal networks have grown in response to the rich pickings out there, and are now frequently better resourced than all but the largest companies. The threat landscape has become progressively more dangerous as hacking techniques have become more sophisticated.

Recently, for example, ransomware attacks have become increasingly common, with the most famous one being the Colonial Pipeline incident in which oil supplies to parts of the United States were interrupted. Denial of service attacks continue, and more and more sophisticated phishing attacks are being mounted. Identity theft has spiked in recent months.

An article in Forbes notes that 2020 broke all records in terms of the amount of data lost in breaches and in the sheer scale of cyberattacks. Perhaps more frightening still, it highlights the increasing use of technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, powered by the unlimited processing capabilities of the cloud, to create and then mount these attacks.[1]

Staying on top of cybersecurity has become a full-time activity, and one that requires specialist—and constantly changing—skills. Companies know this, and they know they are outgunned—78% lack confidence in their company’s cybersecurity posture, according to research by IDG.[2]

A seemingly endless supply of similar horror statistics is available on the Internet for anyone to see.

Finding a solution

Clearly, for most companies, a sufficiently large and skilled security team is impossible—it would blow the IT budget out of the water and, in any event, these skills are both highly specialised and exceedingly rare. Cybersecurity now requires a multi-pronged approach and a state of constant vigilance. The vast majority of IT teams have neither the capacity nor the skills to maintain an effective cybersecurity posture—nor can CIOs afford for their teams to be distracted at a time when IT is being asked to act as the business’s trusted advisor.

The obvious answer is to partner with a reliable and reputable third party who can provide the necessary capabilities as a service. Just like the cybercriminal, a managed security services provider is well resourced and also harnesses the power of the cloud to monitor the threat landscape and develop strategic and tactical counters to threats as they develop. In line with the as-a-service model, these services can be offered on a pay-for-use basis, and can be provisioned and scaled as needed. DataGroupIT offers a comprehensive range of security services, such as threat management, managed detection and response, managed cloud security, managed endpoint security, managed identity and even a security command centre. Network security services include managed firewall services and intrusion detection and prevention.

Modern-day business is all about collaboration, and working closely with partners to achieve success in a fast-moving, complex global marketplace. That same approach should be used to help IT departments access the specialist security skills and services they need.

Cybersoc’s uncompromising design, rigorous engineering and best-in-breed technologies coupled with an elite team of cyber experts delivers robust managed network security services. Cybersoc’s Managed Threat Detection and Response will fortify your network security on a continual basis inline with growing threats.

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