Leveraging AI for Effective Cyber Risk Management
25 March 2023

As organisations continue to face cyber threats and vulnerabilities, the need for effective cyber risk management practices has become increasingly critical. However, many current practices fall short in producing the intended results, and organisations must also contend with growing challenges such as more sophisticated attacks and reduced budgets and staffing.

Recent research has highlighted the importance of identifying high-risk assets, both people and technology, in managing cyber risk. Various methods exist for this purpose, including pen testing, red teaming, and vulnerability scans, among others. However, these methods require significant resources, coordination, and buy-in from multiple departments, and their relevance and value are often short-lived due to the dynamic nature of today’s digital architectures.

Moreover, many organisations find that these practices do not yield actionable insights for managing risk. For example, pen testing and red teaming exercises often fail to provide useful recommendations for hardening defences.

To address these challenges, Darktrace’s Research & Development team has created a solution that leverages AI for more effective cyber risk management. The solution, called Darktrace PREVENT™, includes two products: Darktrace PREVENT/Attack Surface Management™ (ASM) and Darktrace PREVENT/End-to-End™ (E2E).

ASM monitors an organisation’s attack surface for vulnerabilities and risks, including shadow IT and brand abuse, and can surface 30-50% more assets than an organisation realises it has. E2E, on the other hand, uses Self-Learning AI to determine every possible attack path in the internal system and measure the potential security impact of each asset, prioritising targets with higher value.

Together, these products generate understandable reports for security teams, including prioritised lists of actionable insights. This real-time, prioritised insight enables security teams to proactively and efficiently manage their risk.

Darktrace PREVENT also reduces risk autonomously, without the need for human intervention. When combined with Darktrace’s detection and response capabilities in the Cyber AI Loop™, the AI can increase sensitivity and protection around an organisation’s high-value assets and likely attack paths identified by PREVENT.

Since PREVENT is powered by AI, it performs all of these risk-reducing activities continuously, providing more frequent outputs to security teams. This makes it an ideal solution for organisations with limited budgets and staffing, as it helps security teams pre-empt known and unknown attacks and achieve a high level of protection.

In conclusion, traditional approaches to preventative security measures are not sufficient for reducing cyber risk in today’s dynamic digital infrastructure. To effectively manage risk, organisations must adopt a holistic approach that includes continuous monitoring powered by AI. Darktrace PREVENT and the Cyber AI Loop represent a recommended approach for identifying vulnerable assets and hardening security around them, helping organisations achieve a high level of protection against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

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