Is your organisation prepared for a supply chain attack?
27 January 2022

If the numbers are anything to go by, now more than ever is a highly stressful time to be tasked with maintaining the cybersecurity posture of an organisation. According to research conducted by Darktrace, their artificial intelligence (AI) autonomously interrupted around 150,000 threats each week in a single industry sector all throughout 2021.

With high profile attacks on the likes of SolarWinds, Kaseya and GitLab proving that no one is safe, supply chain attacks have moved up on the list of priorities for cybersecurity practitioners. But how do you better prepare for a potential attack?

Email phishing is the most common attack method

The first step lies in understanding what methodologies the attackers are relying on the most.

Phishing, the act of using social engineering to steal a user’s personal information for malicious gain, remains the most common as well as effective attack method. A recent report found that organisations could face an average of 600 unique email phishing campaigns per month!

And to add onto the challenge of volume, the phishing campaigns also increased in complexity as attackers moved towards using ‘clean’ emails that contain seemingly normal text and have messages that are carefully crafted to impersonate trusted third parties in order to dupe recipients into revealing information.

The prediction is then that attackers will continue to advance their email attacks and lean on hijacking the accounts of trusted suppliers in order to send spear phishing emails from genuine organisations and individuals.

Addressing attacks with artificial intelligence

Given the nature of supply chain attacks, organisations must now not only focus on their own cyber resilience but also equally be invested in ensuring their suppliers are also upholding cybersecurity best practices.

A pragmatic view of this entails accepting that in all likelihood organisations will not be able to prevent all possible breaches in their security. And so, the focus then shifts towards ensuring the organisation has a robust system in place to detect the presence of threats as soon as possible. This is in order to quickly curb any malicious activity with minimal impact to data and business operations.

Darktrace is a global leader in fighting cyber-attacks through their artificial intelligence solutions. We’ve previously explored how organizations can tap into the power of proactive cybersecurity by leveraging AI and with the rise of supply chain attacks in particular, now more than ever the optimal time to explore solutions that can help safeguard your organisation.

If you would like to know more about AI solutions geared towards advanced threat detection and mitigation, DataGroupIT has a global team of cybersecurity experts ready to identify the best solution for you and your organisation.

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