How Darktrace’s AI Technology Enhances Email Security Through Employee Engagement
18 May 2023

Email security has always been a significant concern for IT teams, but the traditional approach of either excluding employees entirely or including them without proper control has proved ineffective. While it is clear that email security should not solely depend on employees, their involvement and behaviour can provide valuable insights into security and productivity.

AI technology provides a non-intrusive, nuanced way to enhance email security while supporting employee engagement. The best email security practice strikes a balance between including and excluding employees and allows more nuanced interactions that maintain security without disrupting daily business operations.

Historically, security solutions offered ‘all or nothing’ approaches to employee involvement. Employee involvement can lead to unreliable security, and raising security awareness through training emails can be ineffective. Other forms of employee involvement, such as creating blanket rules through feedback, can also lead to risks in the organization. On the other hand, when employees are fully excluded from security, an opportunity is missed to fine-tune security according to the actual users and to gain feedback on how well the email security solution is working.

The employee-AI feedback loop is the best way to leverage employee involvement in email security. Darktrace trains its AI on the organization’s actual employees, and the AI identifies unusual, risky components of an email and takes precise action based on the nature of the email to neutralize them. The AI can explain in non-technical language why it has taken a specific action, which educates users.

The employee-AI feedback loop educates employees and determines the appropriate levels to inform and teach users, while not relying on them for threat detection. In the other direction, the AI learns from users’ activity in the inbox and gradually factors this into its decision-making. The employee-AI feedback loop increases employee understanding without putting security at risk. By considering employees and improving security awareness training, the employee-AI feedback loop can level up users.

Darktrace’s AI technology is unique in that it trains its AI on the best data – the organization’s actual employees. The AI constantly learns employee behavior in the inbox, becoming extremely effective at detecting spam and graymail, eventually learning which to pull from the inbox, saving time for the employees. This highlights how security solutions can go even further than merely protecting the email environment to the point where AI can promote productivity gains by automating tasks like inbox sorting.

In essence, Darktrace’s AI technology enhances email security through employee engagement by providing a non-intrusive, nuanced approach to maintain security while supporting employee productivity. The employee-AI feedback loop is the best way to leverage employee involvement in email security and increase employee understanding without putting security at risk.

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