Bringing Self-Defence to Cybersecurity
02 November 2021

The day-to-day challenges faced by the modern CISO are monumental. You are charged with keeping your organisation’s most valuable assets safe from an increasingly sophisticated and growing number of threats. Remote workforces and advancing technology create more attack surfaces while the ‘bad guys’ continue to be more agile and aggressive in their attacks. What further complicates a CISOs duties is the fact that the attackers only have to be right once, whereas your security measures have to be robust 100% of the time. One incident is one too many.

The CISOs security team face their own day-to-day challenges within the context of their deliverables. All of the societal and workforce changes that have occurred since the beginning of 2020 have added to what was already a large attack surface. It is clear that everyone from top to bottom has their hands full. It is for this reason that the automation of security systems has taken centre stage. There is so much work to be done that there is an obvious need for your security tools to think for themselves.

Today, one is mistaken to only see cybersecurity exclusively as a means for protecting an organisation’s digital assets and infrastructure. The right cybersecurity measures can be leveraged as a strategic tool to optimise processes and increases productivity in your organisation. These tools eliminate a lot of time-consuming manual security tasks and can be trusted to diligently defend any organisation.

Cybersecurity tools that utilise self-learning AI can detect and neutralise attacks, including zero-day attacks. The idea that self-learning AI ‘learns’ your organisation may give off the impression that its education is only applicable within the walls of your organisation. This is not the case. Our partners, DarkTrace, offer the Darktrace Immune System that “protects every corner of your digital estate, from email, SaaS, and cloud infrastructure, to OT, IoT, and the endpoint.” An organisation-wide approach provides unified protection for hybrid working models to ensure that threats are covered from every possible angle.

In relation to the CISO and security team scenarios given above, this creation of a self-defending organisation through the strategic use of cybersecurity technology takes a lot of work (and stress) off their hands. This allows them to be more productive in other key areas of their roles. For instance, being a CISO goes beyond the nuts and bolts of cybersecurity but also includes aspects of building relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

Cybersecurity teams generally get overwhelmed by the growing list of threats that they must be equipped to subdue. However self-learning AI is continually deepening its understanding of your environment which allows it to detect and stop any new threat even before it becomes a part of that growing list of threats.

DarkTrace’s suite of products for network protection learn normal patterns of life to discover unpredictable cyber-threats across your corporate network, while delivering complete visibility over your dynamic workforce. And so, DarkTrace puts your organisation in a position to automate many critical security processes and do so with confidence as demonstrated by its track record of servicing global organisations.

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