A glimpse into the future of data security in 2023
28 February 2023

Let’s talk about the future of data security. As we move further into 2023, Imperva predicts that we’ll see some major changes in the way companies approach data security. With an increasingly diverse data landscape, the people, processes, and technology in cybersecurity will experience a significant shift.

One change we can expect to see is the decline of the mainframe. While mainframes have been a cornerstone of enterprise IT systems for a long time, Ron Bennatan, Data Security Fellow at Imperva, believes that the cost model and lack of skilled personnel will lead companies to move away from them. Additionally, Reinhart Hansen, Director of Technology at Imperva, warns that businesses will be more vulnerable to security incidents involving data on mainframes due to the pressure to make core business data readily available to third parties.

As companies move away from mainframes, the disruptive power of cloud computing will continue to play a major role in the industry. The complexity of today’s data landscape, with various data types saved across different environments, has introduced new dimensions in security. It is predicted that we will likely see record fines handed out in 2023 due to data breaches. However, companies that invest in data security tools that can be used across all environments can quickly and effectively protect their data and accelerate their migration to the cloud.

To combat potential data breaches, security teams will emphasise the correlation between known users, types of machines, and data access to triangulate when data may be at risk. As a result, Karl Triebes, Imperva SVP and GM of Application Security, predicts that security leaders will shift their focus from securing the perimeter to data security. Moshe Lipsker, SVP of Product Development at Imperva, adds that this shift in focus will drive further consolidation in the cybersecurity sector.

The move to the cloud and the focus on data security will require new skills in security teams. As an organisation’s data spreads across different environments, a new IT role will come into focus. Dan Neault, SVP and GM of Data Security at Imperva, predicts that this role will require high judgment about governance, security architecture skills, data architecture skills, and the depth of a database administrator for where that is needed. Additionally, operational skills will also be in high demand as businesses seek out people with strong capabilities who can help them handle the shift to the cloud in a way that doesn’t result in unexpected costs or security surprises.

Ultimately, the transition to the cloud will continue to drive fundamental changes in cybersecurity in 2023. With the right mix of people, processes, and technology, businesses can achieve better visibility and control over their increasingly complex data assets.

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