2022 cybersecurity strategies for startups
21 January 2022

Few things evolve as rapidly as the state of cybersecurity and what should be prioritised to protect an organisation from malicious actors. In recent times ransomware has dominated the headlines with businesses, both large and small, often being on the receiving end of financially catastrophic attacks.

While it tends to be the larger organisations that dominate the headlines when they fall victim to cybercrime, there remains a need for smaller operations as well to maintain a robust security posture. The primary reason being that all data is valuable and important, regardless of who it is stored by. Personal information remains sensitive whether it is kept by a large banking institution or a small private doctor’s office.

As such, we’ve compiled some of the key cybersecurity strategies that smaller enterprises and startups can adopt in order to ensure they’re just as prepared as their bigger counterparts in safeguarding against malicious players online

Start With the Human Element

Often times organisations make a decent effort towards investing in cybersecurity software to protect their data. The installation of anti-virus software for instance is a common first step in the attempt to have secured devices. However, without adequately training the individuals within your organisation to also be custodians of the security process, not even the most advanced of technologies can save you.

It is therefore essential that organisations of all sizes, even those with just a handful of staff, invest resources in conducting basic cybersecurity training. This should include:

  • How to identify phishing emails
  • What makes a password a ‘strong password’
  • How to avoid suspicious links and downloads
  • General online hygiene and security best practices
  • How to protect data, devices and sensitive information

Regularly assess your systems

Given the evolving nature of cybersecurity threats, it is important that organisations avoid treating cybersecurity exercises as once-off endeavours. While there is value in conducting training and installing important systems, it is equally essential that your regularly review and scrutinise what you have put in place.

Checks and balances can range from conducting an audit of when last passwords were updated or reviewing whether your cybersecurity systems comprehensively cover all aspects of the business.

Conducting vulnerability scans is critical to minimising your overall cybersecurity risk.

Add multi-factor authentication to your processes

Having a single layer of protection just isn’t enough to safeguard your most valuable data. Multi-factor authentication is a simple yet powerful step towards making it harder for cybercriminals to infiltrate your system.

In a previous blog we discussed the types of authentication methods your organisation can consider. Whichever method you choose though, adding MFA to your cybersecurity mix, is a one of the best things you can do for your data security

Speak to the experts

Cost or the perception of high costs can often be a deterrent for startups and smaller operations to invest in improving their cybersecurity posture. However often the costs of a security breach far outweigh the cost of investing in a secure perimeter to begin with.

Engaging cybersecurity experts like DataGroupIT empowers your organisation to have its systems and processes analysed by seasoned professionals who can then propose the most suitable solution to match your requirements, threat-levels and most importantly your budget.

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