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Portnox Network Access Control allows you to gain full control and visibility of all the IP devices that connects to your network from any available Access point.

Portnox illuminates your network access layers (Ethernet, Wireless, VPN, Virtual, cloud), identify and uniquely authenticate all devices that connects to your network.


Rogue devices are automatically blocked or quarantines while successfully authenticated devices will be checked by Portnox to ensure that it has all necessary third party security software (anti-virus, windows patch, DLP etc.),  before letting it into your network.

Portnox is a proven Network Access Control solution that works with your existing networking infrastructure with no agent installation or change in your network topology.

It gives you 100% control of your network and allows you to enforce full or location base network access control in a short while giving you quick ROI.

Portnox gives you a pictorial view of all devices connected to your network and full details of the device which includes:

  • The MAC
  • The IP
  • The User
  • The Location etc.


Below are the main features of Portnox:

  • Fail open architecture
  • Granular ‘connection model’ and policy options
  • Single server manages 20,000 ports
  • No traffic mirror / tap / bridge / poison
  • True agent-less solution
  • Granular ‘connect model’ and policy options
  • Rapid deployment
  • 20 different authentication profiles
  • Corporate directory, domain & BPX integration
  • No MAC address or inventory management
  • Scoring based authentication
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