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IronScales is a comprehensive and fully automated security assessment and training platform, specifically built to provide corporate information security officers (CIO / CISO) with a set of powerful tools to effectively reduce the risk of APT infiltration associated with spear-phishing methods.

IronScales is the first employee-based Intrusion Prevention System with an automatic phishing mitigation response.

The IronScales training program uses a “gamified” and interactive approach, simulating real-world email phishing attacks, and helping prepare employees for actual attacks. Those who fail to spot the mock attack will receive on-the-spot quick, fun, interactive training.

IronScales dramatically increases employee awareness and mitigation of malicious emails and has already made a significant impact for existing customers, reducing employee click rates of malicious email and mitigating actual phishing attacks. In many of today’s most widely publicized phishing attacks of prominent global corporations, IronScales’ training, automatic detection and mitigation solution could have prevented the damage caused by spear-phishing attacks.

IronScales engages your employees in a real-world spear phishing experience, to assess their susceptibility to spear-phishing attempts. Targeted training is automatically applied to anyone who fall victim to these assessment attempts, with tailored and engaging exercises designed to change the users awareness and teach them how to detect and resist future phishing attempts. A powerful measurement dashboard is provided to intuitively reflect the organization’s susceptibility and improvement over time.

IronScales provides you with a cost effective way to increase awareness of real-world phishing tactics and strategies, while at the same time reducing the threat of employees falling victim to phishing attempts by over 80%. IronScales tailored campaign approach, coupled with real life examples and interactive education methods ensure that the best results are achieved. Within a few campaigns you will already see a significant drop in your employees’ susceptibility to spear phishing attempts. As the year goes by and the campaigns complexity increases, your risk will remains comfortably in the single digit zone.

IronScales also mitigate phishing with its patented IronTraps module. IronTraps automatic phishing mitigation module, empowers skilled and vigilant employees to block attacks by triggering Phishing Forensics, followed by an enterprise-wide mitigation response.

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