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CyberArk is the leading solution in Privileged Accounts Security with an innovative patented digital vault technology that automatically discovers and secures privileged accounts in networks across all IT infrastructure. CyberArk gives full control of privileged accounts in networks and manages it in a way that people, processes, services and applications (Embedded account) that need to use the accounts, do so without having to know the password. CyberArk also continuously monitor user activities with the privileged accounts and alerts on any malicious activity with the account.

With CyberArk, passwords of all privileged accounts (root in Unix, Administrators in Windows, enable in Cisco, SYS/Oracle in databases, application service accounts etc) are secured and automatically changed momentarily according to  organization and industry compliance (PCI DSS) policies. Terminated employees will no longer  have knowledge of privileged account passwords or be able to use the privileged accounts from the very second they leave the organization.

Activities with Privileged accounts including Shared accounts will be fully audited with video recording and real time monitoring of user sessions.

CyberArk also prevents malware attack  by isolating the end user session to IT infrastructure as well as prevent any attacker attempt to steal privileged account password from the password harsh (pass the harsh). External vendors and remote /on-site consultants will be subjected to Dual control with their sessions recorded and monitored in real time with rogue session termination capability.

CyberArk gives you solutions to the following:

  • Privileged Password Management and Control
  • SSH Key Security and Management
  • Session Monitoring and Recording
  • Session Isolation and Access Control
  • Least Privileges Enforcement
  • Application Credentials Security
  • Analytics and Threat Detection
  • Sensitive File Protection



CyberArk offers a free DNA tool which gives full knowledge of Privileged accounts in networks, their dependencies, compliance level and their level of exposure to attacks like pass-the-harsh.
For a free DNA scan request, kindly contact us at

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