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Full-Featured Customizable Device Configuration BackupCentralized Management for all Security and Network Device Configuration Backup

BackBox is the simple way to backup and restore device configurations, offering centralized management for all your security and network device configurations in a single application with a convenient
real-time dashboard.
With the BackBox dashboard overview, you save time and eliminate the need to track individual
network devices and multiple device management systems.
Best of all, BackBox is fully automated and non-intrusive, with no agents required and no network configuration changes required to accomplish regularly scheduled, automated configuration backups.

How Organizations Backup Today

How Many Organizations Fall Short with Backup Procedures

IT infrastructure is becoming more complex by the day, and network and security devices are critical elements enabling business continuity, whether in a B2B provider or a B2C retailer. By enabling security and other mission-critical applications, your organization’s network and security devices are absolutely essential to maintaining business continuity.

Each device must be configured correctly to provide the necessary connectivity and security, and failure of even one of them can cause network downtime and loss of business.

BackBox is the simple way to backup and restore device configuration.
Without backup of critical network device configurations, recovery from a device failure or disaster can take far longer as correct configurations are tracked down for each device. But with BackBox, configuration information is saved automatically and regularly, so you can be confident you have the right network device configuration settings at your fingertips at all times. It’s common for organizations not to bother saving and backing up configurations for load balancers and content filters, and backups for router and switch settings are rarely performed.

With firewalls, manual backups are most common, and often there is no central coordination of this process nor verification that it was done correctly. Likewise, settings for offsite storage devices are often backed up manually, and may or may not be backed up frequently enough. With custom devices, many organizations depend on vendor-based backup capability, which may or may not be adequate.

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