Informatica helps you make data ready for use in any way possible, so you can put truly great data at the center of everything you do.

Capitalize on big data

With growing volume, velocity, and variety of data, organizations aspire to deliver business value from big data. But with data that is often incomplete, inconsistent, ungoverned, and unprotected, organizations risk big data being a liability rather than an asset. And with traditional approaches that are manual and complex, big data projects take too long to realize business value. Sustainably and repeatedly delivering business value from big data requires a new strategy.

That strategy needs to start with a big data management platform that delivers in core areas:

  • Big data integration
  • Big data governance and quality
  • Big data security.

What is data integration?

Data integration is the process of combining data from many different sources into an application. You need to deliver the right data in the right format at the right timeframe to fuel great analytics and business processes.

A data integration project usually involves the following steps:

Accessing data from all its sources and locations, whether those are on premises or in the cloud or some combination of both. Integrating data, so that records from one data source map to records in another .This type of data preparation is essential for analytics or other applications to be able to use the data with any success. Delivering integrated data to the business exactly when the business needs it, whether it is in batch, near real time, or real time.

With Informatica Data Archive, inactive data can be relocated to either a database or a highly compressed file, providing options for a high degree of access and significant storage savings. Through an Informatica Live Data Archive Foundation engagement you will be able to identify the high data growth application areas, define archive policies for each, relocate inactive data from the production database according to the newly established archive retention policies and provide for business user
access to the archived data.

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