Citrix is the leader in mobile workspaces

With Citrix mobile workspace apps and delivery infrastructure, businesses can build a software-defined workplace that increases productivity, enhances security, simplifies workflows and reduces costs. Citrix provides market-leading virtualization, mobility management, networking and cloud technologies that are uniquely integrated to deliver consumer-like experiences and empower people to work better from anywhere. Redefine the modern workplace and transform your business with mobile workspaces powered by Citrix.

Enable people with new ways to work better

Today, work happens from many locations and devices. As employees increasingly expect to be able to do their jobs outside the office on their choice of device, IT is struggling with the new security and management challenges this mobility introduces. In addition, events such as mergers, acquisitions, or even disasters require rapid response to get employees up and running faster than ever. In order to keep pace with these changes, your organization must rethink how it securely delivers content to employees that are not in standard locations, on standard devices or in standard systems. Mobile workspaces help solve this problem by providing a portable, always on, always connected working environment that follows employees no matter where they go, on any device, over any network.

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