ADA Systems

ADA System has earned great respect in a very short time and has already customers in many industries and organizations. The company is now considered the Leader in Israel in the DM market and wins new customers in a rapid growth.
An Electronic Document Management is a critical application in every organization. For that exact reason we at Artis developed a Rock Solid software that will guard your documents and keep them available at all times. At the same time we found a way to make the ADA System very cost effective with a fast return on investment. ADA System is a Rapid Application Deployment System that doesn’t call for an “Army” of costly computer specialists in order to create one or more applications based on the System. The deployment is fast, painless and inexpensive. Our customer think they found a Winner and that is worth all the efforts.

The System:

Fast Integration:

The Workflow:

Our Clients:

The system is currently installed in more than a hundred organizations and institutions in Israel. Our clients include: Bank Discount, Bank Yahav, Social Security Administration, “Mivtachim” Pension Fund, the Ayalon Insurance Company, The Israel Phoenix Insurance Company, 012 Golden Lines (an international telecommunications company), Clal Insurance, the Israel Defense Forces, Recruitment companies, Leumit HMO, The Israel Postal Bank, and many others. We attribute our success to our excellent product and superior customer service, both of which are a source of pride to our company.

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