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The Cloud Solution Provider program is a Microsoft licensing program that allows you to manage, sell and support a customer completely, in every aspect, from end to end. Now you can combine additional solutions, products and services that you sell today, bundle them into a strong package, and give your customer a complete solution in one place, using one interface.

The Cloud Solution Provider program helps you go beyond reselling licenses to being more involved in your customer’s business.


Become your customers cloud leader.
See how CSP helps you own all aspects of the customer relationship


Being Flexible is a core skill to succeed in the business playground today. Allow your customers to use the most essential services according to their dynamic needs, upgrade, reduce, and increase the number of licenses monthly.

Deeper engagement

Maintain close and long-term relationships with your customers and reduce the churn rates to competitors. Meeting your customers monthly will get you an insider’s view of their business and uncover new sales opportunities.

Increased profitability

Increase your market value, create unique offerings and open new revenue streams by combining services, providing Microsoft online services and outsourcing billing and support to indirect providers - create opportunities to increase your profitability.

Added value

Partnering with Microsoft allows you to package solutions with industry-leading products.

End to End

Manage all processes and cycles of your customers- Sales, billing, implementation, support, upgrade, growth and more.

Managed services

Customer demand for managed services is constantly growing as the cloud market continues to soar. You want to be well positioned to meet these requirements.

Simplicity and Short Time to Market

Partnering with Microsoft allows you to package solutions with industry-leading products.



Empower yourself with the knowledge, power and platform of Africa's leading distributor, who will accompany you at every stage.


Increase your sales and profitability, expand to more areas, and get tools to get more customers.


Presale and Post-sale support as well as technical support, marketing assistance and system implementation.

Market place

Our marketplace will support the implementation of your online business management solution and will enable you to grow your cloud business and to boost your sales.

Billing System

We provide you an automation system to manage your customers billings and allows you to invest your time in increasing your business and profits.

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