Round Table 28-2-19 Summary


microsoft csp round table

The session was interactive and very productive with high attendance from participants. Discussions were centered around the following;

Introducing DGIT: by Nduka

–          DGIT- who we are?

–          Profitability of co selling,

–          Partnership with DGIT on other security solutions

–          up selling all products with readiness and enthusiasm to activate and work with partners.

–          Uniqueness in price flexibility and building strong partnership

Explicit presentation on the following :Best practices: by Jumoke

  • How to spot opportunity and give winning pitch, through analyzing opportunity line and push appropriate methods to ensure smooth processes in achieving customers’ needs
  • Detailed trainings on office 365 its plans, features, and generic prices best
  • Elementary session on what M365 is and it’s unique plans/features.
  • The importance of DGIT Marketplace and it’s readiness for use
  • How partner can best beat RFP process from customers
  • Overwhelming benefits of selling Azure

Looking forward to the next Round table, More details will be published very soon.

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