What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is set of cloud services that help your organization meet your business challenges. Cloud Computing provides the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications. Cloud Computing allows you to work on a massive, global network using your favorite tools, guidelines and frameworks. There are many and wide variety of Products and Services provided as Cloud business. Most common are servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence, and the list is long.cloud computing

The benefits of cloud computing
Cloud computing is not just a buzz word but is a real shift of the way IT resources are used and managed. The transformation from the traditional way to the Cloud computing business is here and is very common. Researches mention that 90%-100% of business run at least one Cloud application.
Here are a few common reasons organizations are turning to Cloud computing services:

Cost and efficiency – Cloud computing simplified the way IT is delivering and performing by eliminating the need of buying hardware and software (and hence save capital expenses). Cloud computing eliminates the need of setting up and running on-site data centers including all the requirements for that (servers, electricity for power and cooling, IT experts, manage the infrastructure etc).
Availability – Cloud computing services are always available. These services can be reached anytime from anywhere so you are not limited to the on-site workplace anymore. This assures increase in business opportunities, increase your availability and improve the services you provide your customers.
Scalability – Cloud computing provides the ability to scale elastically. IT resources are delivered in the exact right amount. Computing power, storage, bandwidth is delivered right when it’s needed, and from the right geographic location.
Agility and Flexibility – Cloud computing allows even vast amounts of computing resources to be provisioned in minutes, with just a few clicks. Hence the pressure on capacity planning is much lower now, and businesses receive a lot of flexibility.
Security – Cloud computing assures security as it run in accordance to a set of policies, on a robust technology. Your data is protected, your apps are secured, and your infrastructure is protected from potential threats.
Performance – Cloud computing assures a better performance. Cloud computing services run on a worldwide network of secure data centers. These data centers are upgraded on a regular basis. This reduced network latency for applications and assures a greater economy of scale.
Efficiency and Productivity – Cloud computing declines the need for many of IT technical tasks, so IT teams can spend time on achieving more important business goals. On-site data centers for example typically require hardware set up, software patching, and other time-consuming IT management resources.
Multi Device – in our days, an average user has more than one device he works with. Cloud computing allows availability and connectivity from any device at anytime anywhere, even from several devices at the same time.

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