High Availability

High Availability

We offer tailor made solutions to suit every Data Storage Requirement

All companies require their data and information to be highly available. High availability is essential for smooth business processes and therefore also essential for the company’s productivity and success.
When the primary system fails the organization wants to avoid major downtimes and needs to resume operation with the secondary system. To this end we provide the following technologies:

  • Mirroring
  • Clustering
  • Replication

However, high availability through mirroring, clustering or replication does not, in itself, ensure unrestricted access to all data at all times. If data is damaged, deleted or illegally changed through viruses, user or system errors, then these data errors are immediately transferred to the mirrored or clustered system or to the replicated data storage.
The only remedy for such data errors is to use the additional and likewise essential data backup to quickly and reliably recover corrupt or deleted data from nearline or offline data storage. That is why backup & recovery is the second solution area, after high availability, for efficient data management.

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