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We offer tailor made solutions to suit every Data Storage Requirement

Before you implement an effective data management that reproduces and supports the business processes as best as possible whilst keeping costs and administrative work in check, you need to look at data not just in terms of bits and bytes. Data are based on content that may or may not be very relevant for business processes, and this relevance, or rather this value of the data for the business processes changes over time.

Determining which data must be deleted, backed up, archived or kept permanently online and highly available is a task that involves more than just evaluating their age or the average access frequency. The content and its relevance for the business processes (or else for the regulatory requirements) determines where and how the data must be stored.  That is why content management, sooner or later, becomes a component of high availability, backup, and archiving. Only thus can a tiered storage concept be deployed and implemented efficiently and cost-effectively.

Where necessary, the consultants at DataGroupIT therefore include:

  • Data classification
  • Policy & record management
  • Business processes
  • Workflow and
  • Compliance
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