Backup & Recovery

We offer tailor made solutions to suit every Data Storage Requirement

Large and continuously growing amounts of data make backup & recovery a major challenge for many companies. The new developments in the backup area bring real benefits when it comes to solving backup problems but the multitude of new technological and connectional approaches make it hard to find the right solution. The experienced consultants at DataGroupIT therefore consider the products of all manufacturers and work with you to find the appropriate backup technology and strategy for the respective requirements:

  • Backup to tape
  • Backup to disk/VTL
  • Continuous data protection
  • Backup of snapshots
  • Mobility and remote backup
  • Disaster recovery planning

With ever-growing data inventories, sustained backup solutions are never static, but must be flexible and scalable to accommodate the growth in data. This is also why HSM or archive solutions are used to extend an increasing number of backup solutions. The benefits of this extension are multifold and are not restricted to data backup.

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