Archiving & HSM

We offer tailor made solutions to suit every Data Storage Requirement

Data archiving is gaining more importance for corporate IT departments. The two reasons for this trend are stricter regulatory requirements (compliance) and, more than that, large data inventories. Without archiving and HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) it would be impossible to gain control of the large data volumes both in terms of backup & recovery and high availability. Combined and tiered storage concepts with high availability, backup & recovery plus archiving or HSM are therefore becoming increasingly common. Combining storage and archiving offers various benefits:

  • Storage combined with archiving or HSM means:
    > 50% reduction in “online” data
  • Precise forecast of acquisition costs for expensive primary storage
  • Faster backup
  • Faster recovery
  • Better administration of primary and secondary data
  • More flexibility, security and, above all, scalability for the storage infrastructure
  • Simpler and more targeted retrieval of data
  • Observance of legal and regulatory compliance

Tiered storage solutions with high availability, backup & recovery plus HSM and archiving are set to be the best data management concepts (both technically and from a business management point of view) for keeping IT and business processes running effectively and cost-efficiently. To achieve this it needs to be determined which type of data is to be stored on which storage medium at any given moment of its lifecycle.

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