ObserveIT Enterprise for User Activity Monitoring: 
Get Compliant with Citrix, SSH and RDP Recording.

What ObserveIT Does:

  • Captures video recording of all user activity
  • Generates textual audit logs for every app (even apps that have no internal logging!)
  • Identifies shared-account users ('admin') and detects identity theft

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Key Features

Intelligent audit logs: Video logs and Textual metadata logs for every user action, including legacy apps, cloud and commercial software, and apps with no internal logging

Record & Replay: Precise forensic investigation that shows visually exactly what the user did

Identity Management Suite: Tie generic 'administrator' logins to specific named user and detect identity theft

SIEM Integration: Simple tie-in of intelligent log data for any SIEM, Log Management and System Monitor platform

Policy messaging: Satisfies policy training compliance regulations

Feature list and Screenshots

How it Works

ObserveIT identifies any new server session, and associates the session with a specific user

During the session, all user actions on screen are recorded for video replay

Detailed textual metadata logs list every app, resource or CLI command that the user ran

Canned compliance reports show all actions, with links to video replay for further clarification

How it Works

Company Website: http://www.observeit-sys.com