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The Intellinx open and flexible platform supports a wide range of solutions for anti-fraud, user-monitoring, compliance and enterprise alert and case management – all based on the same technology. It allows you to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for your risk

This approach allows you to deploy the various solutions in a modular way, according to the threats your organizational faces, your priorities and budget.

The Intellinx Enterprise Alert and Case Manager

The Intellinx Enterprise Alert and Case Manager (ECM) provides an enterprise-wide alert and case management system for creating and managing alerts and cases of suspicious activity, and for filing SARs. ECM integrates seamlessly with existing corporate systems, collecting all data relevant for case investigations.

With ECM, supervisors can pre-configure alert and case workflows for specific organizational requirements, establishing priorities, assigning caseloads and meeting deadlines.

ECM is ideal for financial institutions looking to replace obsolete technologies or home-grown systems with a robust and dependable solution.

The Intellinx Enterprise Fraud Detection Solution

Intellinx presents a first-of-its-kind, cross-platform surveillance system providing unparalleled visibility into end-user activity in corporate applications across the enterprise.The Intellinx solution provides a critical infrastructure for combating internal and external fraud and information leakage. With complete recording, monitoring and analysis of authorized user activities across all major platforms, security and fraud officers can act on suspicious behavior as it occurs, and use the intelligence gathered to preempt crime in the future.

Intellinx Solution for User Monitoring

Intellinx provides an out-of-the-box solution for internal and external user monitoring without changing any application code and with no overhead on the existing systems or network. Utilizing patented network sniffing technology the Intellinx system records and analyzes user activity at the application level. The system reconstructs all user screens and keystrokes and generates a very detailed audit trail of user access to the corporate applications and data. This audit trail is invaluable for both real-time and post-event investigations.

DLP – Data Leakage Prevention

The challenge of data leaks and theft has become an increasing threat for organizations, with the advance of online communications and data sharing platforms such as cloud computing and social networks.

DLP tools available today normally work at the file level (for example, by scrutinizing outgoing mail or stopping data transfers through computer drives), stopping users at the “gate” when they are actually sending out the data.

AML – Anti Money Laundering

The Intellinx Anti Money Laundering (AML) solution builds on deep experience in gathering and processing data for some of the world’s largest financial institutions. The solution is easy to deploy and use with minimal IT support required.

Intellinx can import data sources using traditional methods (from logs or databases), but has the added advantage of aggregating user and system activity directly from the network using patented network-sniffing technology. By aggregating traditional and real time sources, Intellinx tracks customer behavior patterns and transactions activity to provide a unified view and analysis of customer activity. This includes customer and user actions that typically are not available in the traditional data sources (e.g. incomplete transactions).

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with new government regulations poses significant challenges and involves substantial efforts. This is especially true for enterprises, which rely on legacy systems for their mission-critical processes. These systems that were developed some 10 or 20 years ago do not typically have the controls required by recent regulations that have been enacted in the past 5 years. On the other hand, most organizations do not have the knowledge or personnel to embed new controls in their legacy applications. As a result, these systems typically cause operational risks and non-compliance.

Another challenge large corporations are facing is achieving compliance in a wide range of heterogeneous platforms across multiple locations. Each business process may span over several platforms such as legacy, client-server, web and others. Many regulations require a detailed audit trail of user access to sensitive customer data across all these platforms. Meeting this requirement may become very costly, as it may involve changes in tens of thousands of application programs or consolidation of existing logs in various structures in disparate locations.

Intellinx’s agentless solution is unique in its ability to generate a central detailed audit trail and other types of controls across heterogeneous platforms, including legacy applications with no need to install anything on the host or clients and without changing a single line of code.

Intellinx will help you achieve compliance with certain requirements of:

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