Our Profile

The IT Gateway to Africa

DataGroupIT specializes in the distribution of leading-edge IT products in the African market. Over the years, we have developed innovative processes, enabling the creation of market demand, while developing the appropriate distribution channels for our product lines.
DataGroupIT, led by highly experienced directors, logistics experts and a trained sales team, is a frontrunner in the African market in new product penetration, distribution and overall sales in the IT industry. We operate as a gateway for international vendors in the IT sector who wish to grow and widen their company-wide activities, keeping the focus on business without risk. DataGroupIT offers a well-supported one-point reach into new markets across the African continent.
The company has the financial strength to provide our vendors with one focal point for financial transactions across Africa. We operate in: Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia, Tanzania and more. Over the past decade we have developed profound professional and personal relationships both politically and in the business arenas in each country of operation.

We specialize in implementing technologies and solutions in the following IT categories: 

IT Infrastructure and Solutions: 

IT Security/Audit and Forensic:

  • Data Storage
  • SOC/SIEM/Log Management
  • Data Management
  • Authentication/PKI
  • Data Protection
  • Data Base/File Security and monitoring
  • Business Continuity
  • Data/DB/Application/WAN Encryption
  • Business Service Management (BSM/ITSM/Asset Management)
  • DDOS
  • Back Up and recovery
  • Financial Fraud/Anti Malware
  • Data Integrity
  • Perimeter Security/FW/IPS/Av/AS 
  • EDM |Document Managements
  • User Monitoring and Auditing
  • Application Vulnerability and Security
  • NAC | Network Access Control
  • Governance, Regulations and controls 

Our client portfolio includes top enterprises in a variety of industries and Government Institutes.
DataGroupIT represents leading IT vendors in the industry and truly sees them as our partners, conducting our business accordingly on a daily basis. Our business is rapidly growing each year and with our new business alliances we expect significant growth in the years to come.

Why Africa?

Africa an untapped well of potential for IT infrastructure and solutions. As globalization takes a firm hold of the continent, more and more opportunities are emerging for vendors to move into Africa and achieve a growing market share.
The Oil & Gas industry and many natural resources, such as diamonds, carbon and agriculture, generate business volume, pushing the economy and growth forward. This results in a growing demand for cellular operators, organized banking communities and other services to provide the needs of these significant incomes to the continent, with approximately 1 billion inhabitants.
Africa is one of the fastest growing mobile telecommunications market in the world. Today there are over 600 million GSM subscribers across the continent.

Africa's main industries are: 

  • Oil & gas
  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Government
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing

At DataGroupIT, we find the African IT market especially attractive in every aspect and we focus all of our business efforts on it. 

Our Clients

Our client cluster is made up of western-based companies that have operations in Africa (Oil & Gas, Banks) and local companies (Banks, Telecom Operators, Mining, Government, Insurance and others). Since the market potential is enormous and growth is highly exponential in many fields, our clients constantly seek to expand their IT infrastructures and acquire new technologies that will enable them to grow fast and offer better services while reducing operational costs. Our Clients include:

  • Shell
  • Exxon
  • Total Zenith Bank
  • MTN
  • UBA
  • Galaxy 
  • First Bank
  • CBN
  • Union Bank
  • ECO Bank
  • Enterprise Bank
  • Unitel
  • Sonangol
  • Vodafone Ghana
  • Ghana C.Bank
  • GT Bank
  • Leadway Insurance
  • Seplat
  • Union Assurance
  • Chevron
  • PZ
  • SKY Bank
  • Fidelity Bank

How We Work

Over the years, we have developed a unique business model with our main goal to provide the vendors with full representation in the African market. We have achieved this by hiring brand managers who are trusted only with products manufactured by the vendor they represent. Our brand managers refer to their brands as if they were the vendors' employees and their brand representation is based on the vendors' technical and marketing tools, training, brand codes and rules.
Our innovative work concept enables us to best represent our vendors and achieve win-win business opportunities. On the one hand, we have the best professional know-how from our vendors and on the other hand, we are familiar and trusted by our clients, maintaining an impeccable reputation both locally and globally. Although our business model is based on sales conducted by resellers only, our brand managers are involved in each and every step of the sales cycle, beginning with creating the market demand, through training our customers and resellers until "closing" is achieved.  
The market's special characteristics and our proven track record have generated a wealth of opportunity in which our clients truly trust our professional and personal opinions wherever new technologies are involved.

Pre-Sales Support is Key

Landing projects in this very lucrative market requires providing our resellers with full support in the pre-sale phase in order to create the right conditions for future closing. We therefore invest great resources in training our resellers and in mapping, developing, characterizing and defining our clients' needs in the various target markets. In addition, as part of our pre-sale support we execute broad site surveys and evaluation sessions.
With many years of experience in both the data storage and security arena, our certified pre-sales consultants and sales professionals are available to our partners at all times. We believe that this pre-sale support differentiates our service and provides our vendors with added-value.

Networking Keeps Us Ahead

In the last decade DataGroupIT has developed dozens of distributing channels and numerous professional and personal relationships across Africa. These well established channels enable us to represent our vendors with almost limitless access to a variety of new African markets and clients that are constantly developing, growing and seeking new and innovative IT solutions.  


Nir Kunik
Executive Director